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photo by James Seggie

A jewel in the crown of San Diego’s cultural institutions, the historic site Spreckels Theatre has come to epitomize the pinnacle of artistic excellence, endeavor, and achievement. Located in the heart of the downtown Theatre District on Broadway, the Spreckels Theatre opened its doors in 1912. Since that day this magnificent 1,463 seat theatre has played host to San Diego’s finest attractions; first as a vaudeville house; then as a movie palace of the motion picture hey-days; and now, again as a live presentation venue. The Spreckels has hosted world renowned soloists; top theatrical productions; star attractions; first run films; touring acts; international companies for music, theatre, and dance: celebrated comics; and even the Chinese Circus. San Diego’s cultural performance companies and great performances from the world stage have all graced this elegant venue for 100 years. The Spreckels Theatre was honored to be designated a National Historic Site in 1973.


Our Centennial

Celebrating our 100th Anniversary

2012 marked the Centennial Celebration of The Spreckels Theatre. This grand architectural masterpiece has been a cultureshed for the city’s artistic life for five generations. The first 100 years laid a firm groundwork for the next 100 years to come! With our deep commitment to our role in the arts in San Diego, the Spreckels Theatre has earned a firm standing as a cherished arts institution. We have consistently fostered worldwide cultural talents and artistic excellence throughout our distinguished past. We will pledge to continue bringing the very best performances from the world to our stage in the many years to come whether they are produced in San Diego, New York, or Rome.

The Spreckels Theatre’s magnificent architectural design and artistic legacy has made it a national historic landmark and vital cultural center. In honor of the 100th Anniversary, we initiated three renovation projects designed to return new luster tof the theatre. Our 75-year old marquee and blade signs will be returned to their pristine 1937 condition with re-painting, rewiring, and new neon. New seating was installed in the mezzanine section of the auditorium with new upholstery, new iron end standards, and more leg room. The Grand Lobby will also get a facelift. The marble walls will be polished and the original lighting inside the marble columns will be brought back to life after being dormant for 65 years, since the civil defense “black-outs” that were imposed during World War II.

Looking to the future, the Spreckels Theatre will continue to honor our pledge to offer the finest cultural performances available for the theatre-going public. As we move forward we will continue to transform the venue with upgrades that will best support our mission and serve the needs of our audiences. New renovations promise to make the theatre more accessible, effective, and better equipped than ever before. This will help ensure that the Spreckels Theatre remains a premier destination for the world’s great artists in the 21st century. With the unfolding of this latest chapter, we will renew our promise to play as significant a role in San Diego’s cultural life in the future as we have in our illustrious past.

About The Spreckels  |  History  |  Restoration & Renovation  |  Spreckels Office Rentals  |  Employment & Volunteering  |  Image Gallery  |  Press & Archive

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